LPCP Benefits for Landscape Contractors


The CUWCC’s California Landscape Budgets Program provides you with a FREE water management tool to help you and your customers:

  • Easily track irrigation water use
  • Reduce water bills
  • Improve the health, appearance, and value of landscapes
  • Protect the environment by decreasing urban runoff
  • Maintain compliance with NPDES requirements

Other Benefits:

You will have access to your client’s water consumption data direct from the water agency, and will be able to make comparisons between actual use and a calculated water-efficiency budget.

You will be able to identify those accounts that are over-watering (due to poor distribution uniformity) for further discussion with the owner/property manager.
Once your company is participating in this program, you can use this site to promote yourself as a water-efficient contractor.

All of these benefits are available at absolutely NO COST to you! 

How It Works:

The California Landscape Budgets Program creates a loop of accountability between the Property Owner/HOA Board, the Property Manager, and the Landscape Contractor.  A customized water budget is created for each irrigation meter using:

1. Data from Your Customer’s Site

We take certain basic information from the property, such as contact information, location, and irrigated landscape area for each dedicated irrigation water meter, and store this information in our secure database for your viewing only.

2. Consumption Data from the Water Retailer

Every month, the water retailer sends us a download of the consumption for all the irrigation accounts.

3. Data from Weather Stations

We obtain a daily data download from the (California Irrigation Management Information System) Spatial CIMIS network of stations.  We use data from a combination of local weather stations closer to your meter location.  Contained within this information is an “index” number known as the Evapotranspiration* (ETo).

*Evapotranspiration: The combined process of both evaporation from the soil and transpiration through plant foliage.

4. Putting It All Together

We then create a water budget for the site.  This budget is an estimate of the monthly water requirements for a specific irrigation meter, and is calculated using these formulas:
(Budget for Turf) + (Budget for Shrubs & other) = Meter Budget

Calculating Budget for Turf (in CCFs, or billing units):
(ETo x Kc* x (Turf irrigated area in acres) x 36.3)/IE

ETo: daily evapotranspiration rate provided by Spatial CIMIS network of stations.
Kc* for turf (warm season grass): varies depending on the growing season, for example January is 0.58 and July is 0.718
IE: Irrigation Efficiency is 0.8 or 80%

Calculating Budget for Shrubs and other (in CCFs, billing units):
(ETo x Kc** x (non-turf irrigated area in acres) x 36.3)/IE

Kc** for shrubs and others is 0.5

Click tis link to see the sample pages

How to enroll:

In order to qualify, you must own or manage a property within the program’s participating agencies or water retailers.  For a list of participating agencies click here.
If these requirements are met, contact your local water agency’s water conservation representative that will help you with the process.  Once we obtain your contact information as well as your site’s area measurement, you’ll be ready to start receiving your FREE monthly performance reports.

Check out if your water agency is participating in this program in Contact US page.